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As a global engineering giant, Honda’s name has long been synonymous with innovation and excellence across a range of industries. It was only natural, when they took the decision to branch out into the garden machinery market, that they would apply the same rigorous design and quality control processes that has made their cars, bikes, and generators a byword for reliability. Over the past 45 years Honda mowers have developed an unrivalled reputation for build quality and longevity – many of their mowers still going strong after 20 plus years of service. This commitment to excellence is perfectly reflected in the Honda HRX 426 QX.

The HRX426QX, part of Honda’s Core range, is the most compact of their rear roller mowers. With a cutting deck of 17″ (approx. 42cm) the HRX426QX is best suited to lawns about the size of half to three quarters of a tennis court. Power is provided by Honda’s popular GVC160 Overhead Cam engine which offers a perfect combination of power and ease of starting. The HRX426QX is self-propelled with the drive provided by the steel rear roller. As well as propelling the mower forward, the roller applies the classic English style stripe effect to your lawn and, just as importantly, allows you to mow up to the edge of the lawn without the danger of dropping the rear wheel into the border and scalping the grass. An often overlooked benefit of the Honda 426QX rear roller is that growing grass causes the soil around it to lift, creating an uneven lawn. The application of the heavy steel roller acts to firm the soil down and help reduce this unevenness.

The HRX426QX, as one of Honda’s premium mowers comes with a number of features not found on their entry level Izy range. Perhaps the most useful of these features is Honda’s Roto-Stop® mechanism. This stops the blades without stopping the engine meaning that you can empty the grass bag or move the mower without having to restart the mower each time. In addition the HRX426QX has an immensely strong thermoplastic cutting deck which is corrosion resistant and, unlike cheap plastic decks, will not become brittle with exposure to sunlight, while the Honda blade is designed to twist rather than break if it hits an obstacle so it stays in one piece and will not further damage the mower.

Cutting height adjustment is via a single rear mounted lever with five positions from 19mm-55mm and the handles fold quickly and easily for storage.

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