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Honda Izy HRG 466 SKEP Four Wheeled Mower

As a global engineering concern, the Honda name has long been synonymous with innovation and excellence across a range of industries. It was only natural, when they took the decision to expand into the garden machinery market, that they would apply the same rigorous design and quality control processes that has made their cars, bikes, and generators a byword for reliability. Over the past 45 years Honda mowers have developed an unrivalled reputation for build quality and longevity – many of their mowers still going strong after 20 years of service.

The Izy HRG466SKEP is an 18 inch (46cm), dual function, self-propelled lawnmower. By removing the necessity to manually push the mower the HRG466SKEP offers effortless operation at a comfortable walking pace, ensuring optimum cutting quality even when moving across uneven ground and slopes. Like all of the mowers in the Honda Izy range the HRG466SKEP comes with the “Easy Start” GCVx engine.  The advanced auto-choke system prevents flooding ensuring that the HRG466SKEP really is easy to start in all weather conditions.

Versatility is something Honda endeavours to offer with all of their lawn-care products and the Izy range is no exception. With six different cutting height settings from 20mm to 74mm the HRG466SKEP can tackle longer grass with relative ease. When faced with long or wet grass, the height adjustment can be changed via levers at the front and rear of the cutting deck allowing the back of the deck to be raised independently from the front, increasing airflow into the collection bag and optimising the mower’s collection capability. Collection is further aided by the inclusion of the generous 55 litre fine meshed grass bag which has been expertly designed to work in conjunction with the cutting deck to maximise airflow whilst effectively containing dust and fine particles ensuring both comfort and efficiency.

The key feature of the HRG 466 SKEP is its ability to easily shift between its two cutting modes at the touch of a switch. This allows you to transition smoothly from the efficient cut and collect mode to the truly dynamic mulching mode. There are many benefits to using a mulching mower, if you want to find out more check out our Guide to Mulching. The main benefit for you is that mulching is up to 60% faster than collection mowing. Meanwhile your lawn benefits from the recycling of natural nutrients back into your lawn without the need for synthetic fertilisers.

The HRG466SKEP is surprisingly light and agile making it the ideal choice for small to medium sized gardens. With the addition of the simple folding handle the HRG466SKEP can be easily stored even in small sheds and can fit into the boot space of most cars with very little effort.

The cutting deck is reassuringly robust having been produced from shock resistant pressed steel which has undergone a special anti-corrosive electrophoresis treatment – this treatment increases the deck’s resistance to UV rays and deterioration from corrosion.  Durability is further ensured through Honda’s innovative design of the cutting blades which have been designed to bend rather than break in the event that an obstacle is hit. This greatly reduces the likelihood of damage to the machine should such an incident occur. With the inclusion of a 5 year domestic warranty you can rest assured that Honda are confident that their mowers will provide many years of dependable service.

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